An initiative to illuminate company and financier links to deforestation

The Lucida tool surfaces previously untapped, disparate, and inaccessible data to help partners address unsustainable land use — available Spring 2020

Catalyzing campaigns

Revealing companies and financiers
driving unsustainable land use

Guiding journalists

 Providing data that generates media coverage of pressing forest issues

Enabling enforcement

Giving law enforcement a new tool
to fight illegal forest activity

Creating connections

Exposing hidden relationships among
companies and financiers

Engaging stakeholders

Strengthening research and advocacy
by partners in forest frontiers

Top US financiers of deforestation
Empowering insights

Producing cutting edge analysis
and innovative data visualizations

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Data that drives action

Lucida aims to advance sustainable land use by illuminating how companies and financiers are linked to deforestation and related illegal activities


Advocacy organizations

Identify target companies and financiers based on their role in deforestation


Access near real-time data on thousands of companies and their financiers

Journalists & media

Discover news stories from the frontlines of deforestation

Law enforcement

Uncover illegal activity related to land use and corporate practices

Coming this spring: Lucida’s early release

Help inform the future of the initiative and the tool.
Be an early beta tester or join the partnership.